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Product Description

Material Solid wood/Particle board/Plywood/MDF/Stainless Steel
Board thickness 18~22mm or base on customer’s requirement
Color Customized color are available
Finished Acrylic/Lacquer/UV/PVC/Melamine/Stained/Stainless Steel
Hardware  Blum Or Others Is Available
Our advantage 1. Free and professional design, quick quote 
2. Kinds of materials/finishes/colors choices
3. Customized style and detail notice to give you a dream house
4. Waterproof and Eco-friendly boards
5. Stable quality and rich experience in oversea projects

Step 1. Protective tape protects frames from scratches; 
Step 2. Keep windows fixed on wood pallets; 
Step 3. Tie up windows on the wood pallets with plastic belts
Step 4. PE films keep windows away from sea water; 
Step 5. Fill in the space between each 2 wood pallets by air bags; 
Step 6. Tie up wood pallets in container with plastic belts.
Our packages will ensure the windows arrive at project jobsite in good conditions, please CONTACT US for details of packages, we will show you pictures.


Q: What is your MOQ order?

A:We can accept small order even sample and with high quality.


Q: What is your manufacture time?

A: 25-35 days depends on deposit received and customer drawing signature.


Q: Do you accept customized designs and size?

A: Yes, sure. The design and size all are according to clients’ customized choice.


Q: What’s the favorite payment terms?

A: TT, LC, Paypal, West Union are available


Q: What is your color available?

A: Color available from our color swatch or real color samples


Q: What’s your regular packaging?

A: with carton and EPE first and then put all products on the wooden pallets and fix with EPE to keep it not moving in the container.


Q:What kinds of hardware mostly?

A: German brand,China top brand, depends on customer choice.


If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US or SEND MESSAGE to get more detail information.


Feature: Modern
Carcase Material: Customized
Door Material: Customized
Table Material: Customized
Drawer Guide Rail Kind: Customized
Fixed: Customized
US$ 150/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




oudoor furniture

Are there any creative ways to arrange aluminum furniture for various room layouts?

Arranging aluminum furniture in creative ways can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of different room layouts. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Open and Spacious Layout:

In an open and spacious room, consider creating distinct zones using aluminum furniture. For example, use an aluminum dining table and chairs to define the dining area, and place a stylish aluminum lounge set in a separate seating zone. This arrangement not only maximizes the use of space but also creates a visually appealing division between different functional areas.

2. Small and Compact Spaces:

In small rooms, opt for compact and lightweight aluminum furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Consider multi-purpose pieces such as aluminum folding chairs or nesting tables that can be easily stored when not in use. Use the vertical space by incorporating wall-mounted shelves or hanging planters to add storage and decorative elements without taking up valuable floor space.

3. Corner Placement:

If you have an unused corner in a room, utilize it by placing an aluminum accent chair or a small side table. This arrangement not only maximizes the available space but also adds a functional and visually appealing element to the corner. Consider adding a floor lamp or a tall potted plant to further enhance the corner arrangement.

4. Conversation Areas:

Create cozy conversation areas by arranging aluminum furniture in a circular or semi-circular grouping. Place a round aluminum coffee table at the center and surround it with aluminum armchairs or loveseats. This arrangement encourages social interaction and provides a comfortable setting for conversations. Add cushions or throw pillows to enhance comfort and style.

5. Focal Point Emphasis:

Arrange your aluminum furniture to highlight a focal point in the room. For example, position an aluminum sofa or sectional facing a fireplace, a large window with a scenic view, or a wall-mounted TV. This arrangement draws attention to the focal point and creates a balanced and visually appealing layout.

6. Floating Furniture:

In rooms with ample floor space, consider “floating” your aluminum furniture away from walls. This technique involves placing furniture away from the walls, leaving some open space behind the furniture. It creates a sense of airiness and flow in the room. Use aluminum console tables or open shelving units behind sofas or against walls to add functionality and visual interest.

7. Symmetrical Arrangements:

For a formal and balanced look, arrange your aluminum furniture symmetrically. Place identical aluminum chairs or side tables on either side of a central focal point, such as a fireplace or a large window. This arrangement creates a sense of harmony and order in the room.

8. Mixing Aluminum with Other Materials:

Experiment with mixing aluminum furniture with pieces made from other materials for an eclectic and visually interesting effect. For instance, pair an aluminum dining table with wooden chairs or combine an aluminum coffee table with a fabric-upholstered sofa. This combination adds texture, contrast, and personality to the room.

Remember to consider the flow of the room, the functionality of the furniture, and the overall aesthetic when arranging aluminum furniture. Play with different layouts, experiment with accessories, and trust your creativity to find the arrangement that best suits your room and personal style.

oudoor furniture

How do I secure aluminum furniture to prevent it from tipping over or moving?

Securing aluminum furniture is important to ensure safety and prevent accidents, especially in situations where the furniture may be prone to tipping over or moving. Here are some methods to help secure aluminum furniture:

1. Anchoring to the Ground:

If you have aluminum furniture placed in an outdoor area, such as a patio or garden, anchoring it to the ground can provide stability. Use ground anchors or stakes to secure the furniture legs or base to the ground. This method is particularly useful in windy conditions or areas prone to movement, preventing the furniture from being displaced or tipped over.

2. Weighted Bases or Sandbags:

For lightweight aluminum furniture, using weighted bases or sandbags can help stabilize the pieces. Place the weighted bases or sandbags on the furniture’s base or legs to add extra weight and prevent tipping. This method is especially effective for umbrellas, outdoor dining tables, or freestanding aluminum structures like screens or privacy panels.

3. Anti-Tip Devices:

Anti-tip devices are specifically designed to prevent furniture from tipping over. These devices typically consist of brackets or straps that attach the furniture to a wall or another stable surface. When using anti-tip devices with aluminum furniture, ensure that the fasteners are compatible with the material and securely anchor the furniture to the wall or surface.

4. Velcro Strips or Non-Slip Pads:

To prevent aluminum furniture from sliding or moving on smooth surfaces, consider using velcro strips or non-slip pads. Attach the velcro strips or pads to the furniture’s legs or base and adhere them to the floor or surface. This method provides friction and stability, keeping the furniture in place and reducing the risk of accidental movement or tipping.

5. Proper Weight Distribution:

When arranging aluminum furniture, ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. Avoid placing heavy objects or individuals on one side of the furniture, as it can create an imbalance and increase the risk of tipping. Distribute weight evenly across the furniture and encourage users to sit or place objects in a balanced manner.

6. Floor Grippers or Rubber Feet:

Consider using floor grippers or rubber feet on the bottom of aluminum furniture legs. These attachments can provide traction and prevent the furniture from sliding or scratching the floor. They also add stability and reduce the chances of the furniture tipping over.

7. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines:

Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for securing aluminum furniture. Manufacturers may provide specific instructions or additional accessories designed to enhance the stability and safety of their furniture. Adhering to these guidelines ensures proper use and minimizes the risk of accidents.

Remember that the specific securing method may vary depending on the type and design of the aluminum furniture. It’s essential to assess the individual furniture pieces and their environment to determine the most suitable method for securing them effectively.

By implementing these methods, you can secure your aluminum furniture and minimize the risk of tipping over or moving. Prioritizing safety measures ensures a stable and secure environment for you, your family, and your guests.

oudoor furniture

What are the advantages of lightweight aluminum furniture?

Lightweight aluminum furniture offers several advantages due to its specific characteristics. Here are some of the benefits of lightweight aluminum furniture:

  • Easy Portability: One of the primary advantages of lightweight aluminum furniture is its ease of portability. Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it effortless to move and rearrange furniture as needed. This is particularly beneficial for outdoor furniture, where you may want to adjust the seating arrangement or move the furniture indoors during inclement weather.
  • Convenient Storage: The lightweight nature of aluminum furniture also makes it convenient to store when not in use. You can easily stack or fold aluminum chairs, tables, or other pieces to save space in storage areas or when transporting them.
  • Effortless Handling: Due to its light weight, aluminum furniture is generally easy to handle during assembly or when making adjustments. This can be especially useful if you need to move or carry the furniture up stairs or through narrow doorways.
  • Reduced Strain: Lightweight aluminum furniture can be advantageous for individuals who may have physical limitations or difficulty lifting heavy objects. The reduced weight of the furniture reduces the strain on those who are moving or repositioning it.
  • Versatility: Lightweight aluminum furniture can be used in various settings. It is commonly used for outdoor patio furniture, but it can also be suitable for indoor spaces like dining areas, offices, or recreational rooms. Its versatility allows you to easily incorporate it into different design styles and environments.

Overall, the advantages of lightweight aluminum furniture make it a practical choice for those seeking furniture that is easy to handle, move, store, and adapt to different spaces and needs.

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